AISoLA provides a forum for a very wide discussion comprising ’traditional’ talks, keynotes, position papers, demos, and panels in an interdisciplinary setting. In order to guarantee an adequate dissemination AISoLA supports a very flexible style of publication:

  • LNCS on-site proceedings for ‘mature’ contributions,
  • LNCS post proceedings to also reflect the discussion and presentations of preliminary results at AISoLA,
  • Special Issues/Sections in the Thematic Theme “ExPLAIn”

of the international journal of Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT), and more, e.g., to reach people in other communities.

All contributions to AISoLa, be it for on-site proceedings or just presentations, have to be submitted via the EquinOCS online Service and their respective tracks:

Submission Deadlines

LNCS proceedings 

First Version: 30.06.2023
Final Version: 31.07.2023

All other contributions 

Deadline: 31.07.2023

This deadline concerns material like title and abstract used to select contributions for the program that are not part of the LNCS proceedings. Selected abstracts may also be included in the LNCS proceedings. The process for post symposium publication starts in November to also include the results of the symposium itself.